Gambino Goon: Still looking for someone to help me out with my MARVEL blog....



Still looking for someone to help me out with my MARVEL blog. mainly with the week’s reviews since I obviously can’t afford every series. If you want to write something else about it just let me know and if the idea is good it could go up.

For more info…

If you’re having problems with message me on here at

Thank you.

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So here’s the thing, last week with the encouragement to help a friend with his project ( which in short is a collective of different types of blogs to help people who are interested in a certain topic learn more about it. As the favour to him I decided that I was going to start up my own blog (

Running this blog is going to be a lot of work so if you’re interested in helping me out with it (writing features and reviewing the week’s books) I would be very grateful. You don’t have to be any sort of professional journalist, just as long as you’re enthusiastic and able to string a sentence together you’ll be considered.

If you’re interested go to:


If you’re more of a DC kid but still are interested in contributing to the WalkedThru project also contact me.

Dairanger has without a doubt the angriest and most aggressive morph/morphing call.


best Goku fan art i’ve seen 



Bend me, break me Anyway you need me All I want is you…

i just felt this was appropriate for my blog.
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